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Q: "Who does BLC consider to be an 'influencer'?"

A: Basically, if you're someone who creates or shares content on topics you're particularly knowledgeable about with your online followers, then you're likely an "influencer". Bloggers and vloggers are primary examples of what we consider to be "Influencers".

Q: "How do Influencers benefit from being on BLC?"

A: Several ways, but the main thing we've found that Influencers are searching for help with are ways to monetize their content. We understand that free products or reduced room rates don't necessarily pay the bills, so we share a portion of advertising revenue with Influencers. It's pretty simple: whatever ad revenue is generated directly from the activities of an Influencer, they will typically earn half of that revenue. In addition to helping you earn revenue, we'll also work to try to identify other commercial opportunities for you to work with businesses that would benefit from your talent.

Q: "What if I have or will at some point find sponsors of my own?"

A: If you already (or plan to) work directly with other sponsors, then that's great... continue with whatever transactions you're able to conduct outside the BLC platform. However, we have designed tools that will easily allow you to work with sponsors to deliver their ads exclusively to your content, should you both agree to it. A perk to this feature is that you could potentially convince hesitant sponsors to give you a shot, which offers them a level of assurance that they're only paying you based on your traffic performance.

Q: "How do I join BLC?"

A: Just click the "Influencer Application" option above, then we'll walk you through the rest.

Q: "If I join, do I have to give up any rights to my content?"

A: No... what's yours is yours. We do not make any claims to your property and we will never use your content for unintended ways without getting your permission first.

Q: "Are there any rules against using other platforms?"

A: Not at all. In fact, we encourage you to use other platforms to bolster your BLC activities. We're babies in the industry, so it makes sense to utilize the followings you've amassed elsewhere to create traffic for your BLC content - we even provide some social share options to help you with this.

Q: "How do I get paid ad earnings?"

A: When you request a payout of your advertising earnings, we will first conduct an audit of activities associated with your account and content (just to make sure there's nothing suspicious that was perhaps unfair to the advertisers). If everything looks good, we'll validate your payee information and then issue your payment (typically electronically).