Q: "Is BLC a booking site?"

A: No. We're simply here to help Members organize the things they want to do and hopefully provide information that helps make those goals possible.

Q: "Is BLC free to use?"

A: Yes, BLC is completely free for all Member accounts.

Q: "Does BLC sell my information?"

A: No we do not. In fact, we don't even validate the name you enter when registering. We understand that it sometimes takes a little while to feel comfortable with a new site, so provide whatever you're comfortable with, then after we've earned your trust, go back into your account settings and change your name from "Mickey Mouse" (or whoever you were that day). However, please don't pretend to be an actual person that's not you.

Q: "Can I use the site while remaining private?"

A: You certainly can. If you don't want to interact with anyone - or maybe just a little - you can adjust your preference settings to the level of privacy that you prefer. If you choose total privacy, you can still enjoy our tools to keep your bucket list goals organized and browse the site just the same.

Q: "Does BLC track my activity on the Internet like some other sites do?"

A: Nope, we don't like that kind of stuff. The only kind of "tracking" we do is related to your activity on our site. And even with that, it's mainly related to help you have a more relevant experience on the site For example, suppose you created a bucket list entry of "Travel to Japan", then we would try to present you with information and offers that would be related to traveling to Japan.

Q: "Can I control the promotional items I receive?"

A: Yes, definitely. Too much of anything can be bad, and that applies to promotions. You can set your account to not receive any promotions, or pick and choose which subjects you're interested in receiving promotions for. We recommend you play around with your settings until you find your sweet spot.